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 Our cavapoos are raised in our home, where we use both BAB and Puppy Culture to condition them to be great pets for you. All of our sires and dams either live in our home or in guardian homes where they are the beloved family pets. We have put a lot of time, effort, and expense into educating ourselves, acquiring parents from good lines, teaming up with exceptional guardians and interacting with experts in the dog community so that we can provide you with a healthy, beautiful, socialized, and happy pet. 

Parents who have put down a reservation fee get to travel the exciting journey during the first 8 weeks of their babies' life from the day they are born with pictures/video and stories of their daily activities. In many cases we are able to allow visits in person and always through video chat. 

Our puppies are exposed to normal household noises and activities, including other pets and animals (we also have two labs), and children (our grandchildren help with our puppy raising!) During their first several weeks, our puppies sleep in our bedroom in a huge wire kennel on a heating pad, with mom, where they can see and hear us. After the third day, we begin to handle them regularly, following an established protocol that gently stimulates their neurological system, their sense of smell and helps them to trust being gently handled and loved by humans. After they are receive their first vaccinations, we begin to take them on car rides, into stores, through car washes, out for pup cups and out to play!

We spend time getting our puppies used to having their paws, tails and faces handled by clipping their nails, bathing and grooming them. Our puppies often fall asleep while we are grooming them! We begin leash training, crate training and potty-training before sending them to their new homes. All puppies are also microchipped and will be sent with a "Go Home" bag containing essentials and lots of extra goodies! Our availability continues as long as you would like after you take your puppies home and you have access to a private online group of other Magnolia Prairie Doodle families!

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