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  Our dogs are considered beloved members of our family. Therefore, we have created a Guardian-Home Program. This allows us to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs with a loving home in a Guardian family. We believe that happy, loved pets will produce amazing offspring. We breed for temperament, health, and physical attributes.  Living in a loving home is essential for our breeding dogs to be healthy and also able to produce top quality puppies. A Guardian Home is not a temporary situation but a permanent home for our dogs.

When we want to add a puppy to our breeding program, we accept applications for guardians. Guardians are thoroughly screened and the program is explained to them in depth; their obligations, our obligations, etc. Our dogs must be indoor pets. They do not live outside or in kennels. The sleep on the furniture and get loved and cuddled daily. Only if we believe this will be a good fit for our puppy, our program and the potential guardian do we move forward.

Once the guardian is in place,  the purchased puppy is brought to the guardian home where he or she becomes a permanent part of the family. When the puppy reaches breeding age, it is bred per our contract and when we have completed a limited number of breedings, the dog is signed over to the guardian family and they become the owners. Until then the breed dog is the property of Magnolia Prairie Doodles. 

We cherish our program dogs and only breed the females if they meet our high standards. After the first litter we evaluate our mommas and only breed again if she is healthy and enjoyed being a mom. We follow our vets advice and would never rebreed a dog if we felt it would harm her in any way. 

See our Guardian contract for full information. 

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