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Dea and her family are guardians to 3 of our girls and our stud, Ollie.  She has been dubbed our "Doodle Doula" as she has been present to help deliver multiple puppies and is always there to fill in for me when needed. She will do whatever it takes, whether giving a momma her "maternity spa day" or spoon feeding a puppy who needs a little extra help. Ollie, Ellie, Roxie and Nala live with Dea and her family.

Karen and Bev worked together in their nursing careers. When Magnolia Prairie Doodles first began to let our friends and family know we were looking for guardians for our program, Karen was the first in line.  She and her husband Jim are guardians to Millie one of our F1 cavapoos. Though he won't admit it, Jim is pretty fond of Millie as well as Karen.  Millie became the proud momma of her first litter of 3 girls in April of this year.

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